Monday, December 8, 2008


The Commencement ceremony was Saturday afternoon. Before we could get to the Frank Erwin Center, however, there were the obligatory family photos:

Grandma, Mom, and me. I'm wearing grandma's pearls, and mom's in my red top. We're awesome like that.

Dad and me. Surely, I thought, the purple top will make him easy to find in the audience as I cross the stage. Come to find out, there were roughly 25 guys in the audience who chose purple that day.

Mom and Dad. They sure turned out smart kids :-D

This is the last photo you will see where everyone is looking in the same direction. I hope you enjoyed it!
Alek cleans up surprisingly well for a teenager. Very dapper :-)

Grandpa and Grandma. Awwwww.


Anonymous said...

what an accomplishment!! We are so proud of you!!!!

Jyan said...

Goodness, you kids make me feel so old! All grown up and all that, I can't believe it. The largest of congrats.

NAZD said...

Muahaha. I am cleverly disguised as an adult now. People trust me to do responsible things. It's amazing.