Sunday, August 12, 2007

21st Birthday, part 2

Argh, I've been really bad about updating lately. However, as of tomorrow (Monday), I will be officially only working one job, so maybe my post volume will go up.

Eager readers can only hope, right?

Well, there are still pictures to be posted, and stories to tell.

I just went through all my photos, and unfortunately none of my Tower O' Balloons came out properly. Dad drove my Sherlock's before we arrived to drop off a HUGE balloon set (with a camera attached; good hint). Sadly, the damn thing wouldn't sit still for a photo. Never work with animals, kids, or balloons, I guess.

However, here are some more pics from my party and the day after, which I spent with my family. Mom picked me up and we all went out to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (which I wound up watching again the next evening, it was that good). There were also presents (yay, presents!), and cake and dinner, and it was a wonderful evening. Mom and Dad doubtless have better pics than I do, but I'll have to wait for them to get sent my way (hint, hint).

Alex's gift

Group shot!

At home:

*Crazy eyes*

"Greg, I hope crazy eyes aren't genetic."

"Too late!"

In the movie theatre. Fun fact: due to the darkness, I couldn't see dad's "pose" until after the flash went off.

Dad, telling Homer what he wants for Christmas.

Gifts! This one's a stuffed puppy from Gigi.

Gift set of shower gels in foreground.

Aaaaand, random pictures coming up tomorrow or Tuesday!

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