Saturday, December 2, 2006


Did I say "I'll update soon?" Because by "soon" I must have meant the obscure Middle English meaning "much, much later."

Anywhich, almost as soon as I got back from the house things got busy, so now it's time for a nice long update. Yay for me. It will be in list form, viz.:

Things I've Done in the Past Week:

  1. Latin tutoring - I met with the girl on Sunday, and am pleased to announce that she's doing pretty well for having been a whole year behind on the language not too long ago. All my doing, of course :-P
  2. Taught kinder kids about the Solar System. Last week and next week's theme is Astronomy; I'm still debating whether or not to include Pluto, given that the poster we're using lists it.
  3. Bought a book of crosswords. To make it even more interesting (I stink at crosswords), it's a book of Latin crosswords. I'm five in at the moment and haven't managed to complete a full one without looking at the answer key at least once. Fun, though.
  4. Watched Doctor Who. The Satan Pit was on last night, and it was teh greatness. Because only The Doctor can be five feet away from Satan and not notice right away.
  5. Watched Van Helsing. I'm actually currently watching it right now. Dad was right. It blows. Even the dramatic rescue swing from the rafters is done in horiffic CG.
  6. Started my most final of final papers I have to write this semester. That's right, after this one (due Tues.), I have no more papers to write until next semester. This one is, of course, a three-page proposal on how I would design a project to study the effects of the Peloponnesian War on Athenian art.
  7. Decided on my Halloween costume for next year.

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