Thursday, August 31, 2006


Whew. So, I've been to each of my classees once (and, in one case, twice) so far. Rundown time!

Accelerated First-Year Latin meets every morning at 10. And by "accelerated" they mean "intensive;" we're going to be covering something like two chapters a day in 50 minutes. The class is pretty cool, though, since the workload means that everyone in the room wants to be there. The prof. is from England, I'm pretty sure, and he seems to enjoy his subject.

Adv. Spanish Grammar and Composition is "eh" so far -- we didn't do much on the first day, but I'm sure it'll pick up soon. Our first assignment is to write a poem, which I'm not looking forward to, but the prof. is nice enough and a native speaker (I heard two of the girls in my class discussing a SPanish IV prof. who apparently has a horrible accent).

English Grammar should be ... interesting. The prof. went into great length about how the "traditional grammar" we learned in middle school is "flawed" and wrong. Fine by me; I never learned grammar the traditional way, so I have nothing to forget for this class. The prof.'s sense of humor is dry as dirt, but he seems ok.

Greek Archaeology promises to be a LOT of fun. The prof. is a field archaeologist with a great sense of humor (*coughandhe'scutecough*). Which will hopefully make up for the fact that the syllabus is teh scary. We have to keep a journal, there're lots of readings, three essays, and our first quiz is memorizing the Greek alphabet.

Physical Anthropology is self-paced, so hopefully my biggest problem will be making it to the special lab we have to take our weekly tests in.

And now I have to go to work.

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